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Fee increase notice





Squad fees increased from 1 October 2018, but many of the standing order payments haven’t been changed.  The new fees are:



Fee from 1/10



A Squad


B Squad


C Squad


D Squad


Sprint Squad


Masters pay as you go





Can you please check if you have increased your standing order and, if not, make a one-off payment to ensure the fee, and any other outstanding payments, are fully paid by 24 October 2018.  Please ensure the payment is made to the following account:


            Bank:                            Coop

            Account Name:             Soundwell Swimming Club

            Sort Code:                    08-92-99

            Account Number:          65827532         


Any payments that have not been received by this date, will be loaded onto Team Unify and collected via the new system.  Remember to register and add your payment details to Team Unify by 24 October, at the latest, if you haven’t already done so.


If you have any queries, please contact the Treasurer – Tracy Blake or the Assistant Treasurer – Louise Disney


Thank you!




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Team Unify Announcement




REGISTRATION for TeamUnify is now FULLY open for ALL SQUADS!

ALL Soundwell Swimming Club squad swimmers MUST register with TeamUnify to remain as Soundwell Swimming Club members! Please register your swimmer (or yourself if you are a swimmer over 16 who pays for themselves!) by 24th October 2018!!!!

If you have already registered THANK YOU! But please check your emails in order to register your payment details!! (NB credit card = debit or credit card) Payments for Squad fees and the Annual Membership fee will be collected on 1st November.

Once payment details are registered please cancel your standing order!

First Squad to be fully registered will get to choose their main set!

Any questions please contact Club Secretary - Theresa O’Donnell at



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TYR series L2

TYR series L2

19th-21st October



Open to all qualifiers.


Meet Pack - Click Here 

Accepted Entries - Click Here

Warm up times - Click Here



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Christmas kit order!!



Without Initials

With Initials

Boys / Junior









Without Initials

With Initials

Boys / Junior







Quarter Zip Jacket


Without Initials

With Initials

Boys / Junior







Order will be placed so products will be received by Christmas. All orders must therefore be placed and paid for by:

Friday 9th November 2018.

Orders can be placed at the club desk, or via Jackie Weathrall-King.

Cash or cheque payments only.


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Soundwell AGM



Your Club needs you and your swimmer needs the club!


So, please come along to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27th September 2018 at 18:45 in The Clifford Suite – Kingswood Leisure Centre.

This is your opportunity to hear about the club, to ask questions, raise concerns, give feedback – Volunteer!

The club is run by volunteers, so if you wish to find out more about the club, please come along and support the club and it’s volunteers.


Please also see attached the list of vacancies and how to volunteer if interested.


Thank you!



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Team Bath L2

Team Bath L2
16-18th November

Open to all qualifiers - Target meet for Winter national qualification 

Meet Pack - Click Here

Entry Form - Click Here

Please see your coach with your entry form 








Closing date - Wednesday 10th October

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Arena League R1

13th October 

Congratulations on your selection. 

Please confirm availability asap to -


A Team 

Millfield (Hosting)

Arrive 12:20

 A Team  
Girls 9 to 11Boys
Harriet Smith Rhys Dodd
Phoebe CliffordHarry Kerslake 
Grace BeavenRoger Davis
Evie-Beatrice ChubbHarry Taylor
Paige Williams Jake Gaunt 
Amber WitcombeAlex Bridges 
Rosie JohnsonAustin May
Maddie Long 
Alice Kerslake Tom Hemsley
Olivia HusseySam Taylor
Sophia SoteriouJake Turner
Neve ForeshewSam Oxley
Heather Witcombe Will Harrison
Ella TheobaldWill Cole
Jasmine Stone Daniel Ahmed
Rebecca Swales David Trickett


B Team


Arrive 4:20pm


 B Team 
Girls 9 to 11Boys
Evie Williams  Ben Witcombe
Evie LongNathan Foster
Sian Bennett-AliOscar Corfield 
Ophelia HydeRuben Foreshew
Tess Mason Jamie Oxley 
Hannah Williams Mathew Ahmed 
Lexie Thomas Hunt  
Lilly Robinson 
Phoebe O'Donnell Rhys Bridges 
Eleanor HowlettTim Williams
Millie SmithAdam W-K
Roxanne WildAlex Britton
Bea Reed Jack Smith
Evie ReedGeorge Williams
Jess LongfordDanny Pirret
Bethany Evans

Ben Snape Johnson 

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Bristol North L3


Bristol North L3
​Junior Meet
Hutton Moor Leisure Centre

22nd & 29th September


This meet is open to all swimmers 9-12yrs within the upper limit times. This meet will be a perfect introduction into competitive swimming.

Meet Pack - Click Here

Final Warm up times - Click Here

Accepted Entries - Click Here

All swimmers have been accepted to this meet.

Relay Teams 

10 yrs Boys 
Nathan FosterRhys Dodd
Roger DavisHarry Kerslake 
Harry KerslakeRoger Davis
Rhys DoddRuben Foreshew
10 yrs Girls 
Grace Beaven Sian Bennett-Ali
Evie LongMillie Anne Davis
Harriet SmithEvie Long
Millie Anne DavisHarriet Smith
12 Yrs Girls 
Ella SmithElla Smith
Maddie LongMaddie Long
Lilly RobinsonLilly Robinson
Maya BryanMaya Bryan

Congratulations on your selections for the relay teams 

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New Website Registration

Team Unify Registration


Dear Parent / Guardian / Swimmer


Team Unify registration IS NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!


At the end of last season the decision was made by the Committee that we would enrol with Team Unify – please see minutes of the meetings which can be found on the current Soundwell Swimming Club Website. This would ensure that we would be able to streamline and better manage our;


·         Registration processes

·         Squad fee/ASA fee/Camp fee collections

·         Competition entries and fees


Whilst there is a small cost involved, as Soundwell Swimming Club is run by volunteers using Team Unify will ensure that our valuable volunteers will time will be better spent as there will be just one place where we can;


·         Check payments have been made for squad fees / camps / meet entries etc

·         Easily contact people to request / chase payments

·         Easily contact people to provide club updates and important information

·         Run our open meets

·         Manage competition entries

·         Store and access emergency contact details

·         And much much more to come!


Registration to Team Unify is mandatory for all swimmers at Soundwell Swimming club!


Please click on the link below and register your swimmer now!!! The link takes you to an alternative Soundwell Swimming Club website.


To register please click on the Register tab on the left hand side. To clarify, if you are a parent registering a swimmer under 18, you will be the account holder and the swimmer will be the member. If you are a swimmer who is 18 or over you will be the account holder but you will also need to be a member as well. There are two groups, Learn to Swim and All Squads, you need to select all squads as registration is only currently open for squad swimmers at this stage.


Please note, that bank details are not yet required, but they will be! Once the system requires bank details to be registered further notices will be sent out. This should all be in place for October’s (new) squad fee collection, and the annual fee collection.  


Please also note that the payments will be changing from Standing Order to Direct Debit. You will receive invoices each month ahead of the payment collection. You may, therefore, wish to cancel your Standing Order for the monthly fees, in the understanding that should any errors occur with the direct debit collection in October which result in the squad fee payment or annual club fee payment not being collected, that you will still ensure that the squad fee is paid for October by other means. Equally, Soundwell Swimming club will refund any duplicate squad fee or annual club fee payments should this occur.


As this is a new system and we are in the early stages of setting this up, please please bear with us. Whilst there is every intention that this will all be ready to go smoothly, should any errors occur your patience and understanding would be very much appreciated.

Once registered the swimmer will be allocated to the correct squad within the group and an email will be sent confirming this.


If you have any queries regarding this please email


Many thanks




Theresa O’Donnell

Soundwell Swimming Club Secretary







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Yeovil L3

15th-16th December 

Yeovil L3 


Open to swimmers who have not qualified for multiple events in the CoB L2 -  please click here for CoB times 


Meet Pack - Click Here

Entry Form - Click Here


Closing Date Friday 21st September

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Foreign Camp Info




Parent calendar - Click Here


Kit List - Click Here




HOTEL NAME:  Hotel Bernat II                                        

RESORT NAME:  Callela, Barcelona

Coaches – Jon Wills, Ashley Barnett and Claire Kerslake

Chaperones – Tree O’Donnell, Max Adams, Emma Dodd, Robin Kerslake

Land training Coach/chaperone – Jo Soteriou

Total number swimmers - 36


We are now in a position to share the final costs of the camp. The total cost is £726. The slight increase is due to the flight prices with easy jet. We did our best to estimate the cost but as the flight prices reflect demand and if you don’t purchase them on the day they are released you miss out. We bought the return flights on the day they were released so go a better price.

The payment plan that was given out in January has been amended to reflect the slight increase.





31st January 2018




30th April 2018

To purchase return flight




1st July 2018




25th August 2018








The amounts above must be paid by the due datesIf you would prefer to make monthly payments, or pay the balance in full at any-time, please feel free to do so. Payments should be made by bank transfer to Co-Op bank 08-92-99 Account 65827532, or by cheque to the club desk, please bring along this card.

The full amount must be paid by 25th August 2018. (9 weeks before departure). Any queries please

EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – Every swimmer must have one of these, it is free and can be applied using this website,

Travel Insurance – Every swimmer will need their own travel insurance. Please check that if you are using a family policy it covers your child to travel independently. There are companies ( that specialise in this and costs are around £15. 



Flight details

Outbound Flights.

Leaving on Saturday 27th October at 7:00 – 10:15. Arrival time at airport to be confirmed. It will be early!!!

Flight Number: 6029 Bristol to Barcelona

The swimmers will be able to choose who they want to sit by on the plane. We have 6 seats in each row. We have been allocated rows: 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 2 in row 16. 

Return Flights

Departing on Saturday 3rd November at 16:10 and landing at 17:35. We will be leaving the hotel in Spain at midday following a morning swim.

Flight number: 2268 Barcelona to London Luton. 

We have booked a coach to pick us up from the airport and return us to Kingswood Leisure centre. The reason we have done this is there was only 1 flight into Bristol on the return and the cost was double the outbound price. Flying into Luton and the cost of the coach was a lot cheaper. 

The seats we have been allocated on the return flight are rows: 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Luggage allowance:

Easy jet allowance is 23KG. DO NOT GO OVER THIS!!!! Pack sensibly.

Cabin bag size is 56cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 25cm (H)

All swimming gear will need to be put in the hold. The arena bags they use on poolside will be too big as hand luggage. Jon will supply a recommended a kit list in September. The kit will need to include land training clothes and several costumes. 

Passport details required.

Please photocopy your child’s passport details and hand it into the club desk (by September 10th) and they will be filed securely and destroyed once we have used them.

We need the following details to check in online 3 days before we leave: Full name, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Country of Issue, Nationality, date of birth and gender. When we enter these details we will allocate the seats too. 

Confirmation it’s a great venue - From talking to Sara Part from Severnside Tritions at the mini series last weekend, they have been to this resort/camp twice and have said it’s very good. That’s good to know. 

Training times: maximum of 2 swim sessions a day, total of 4 hours (7am and 14.30)  plus 1 hour land training. 

Rooms – Jon will allocate the swimmers to rooms, there will be 4 swimmers to a room.

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July 2018 minuets

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Bath Sprint Meet

Bath L3 Sprint Meet


8th September

This meet is open to all qualifiers from all squads

All 50s,100s & 100IM


Meet Pack - Click Here

Accepted Entries - Click Here

Warm Up Times - Click Here



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Important Fee and Training Update

Please find details of important club changes effective from September 2018 here

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Soundwell L3 Open Meet

Soundwell county qualifier

GL1 leisure centre 

1st&2nd December 


Open to all squads/qualifiers


Meet Pack - Click Here

Entry Form - Click Here


Please see you squad coach for entry suggestions

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City of Bristol L3

City of Bristol L3


14th-15th July 

This meet is open to all qualifiers and should be attended by all swimmers not attending the National Championships

Meet Pack - Click Here

Accepted Entries - Click Here

Warm Up Times - Click Here

Please arrive 30min before warm up begins

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Post training recovery and nutrition

Post pool recovery - Click Here


Swimmers are recommended to complete the given exercises at least once per day especially after training.

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South West Fast 5 Competition

Sunday 8th July 2018 – GL1

Swimmers will enter and swim all events and results and awards will be decided on points gained in all 5 events by the top 3 in each age group.

Single band age groups from 11/12 yrs to 17yrs & over 

Entry fee £16.00 to cover all events and spectator admission.


Warm-up 8.50am, start 10.00am                                                             30 minutes break and warm-up


Boy’s       50m     Butterfly                                                                              Girl’s        50m     Butterfly

Girl’s        50m     Breaststroke                                                                      Boy’s       50m     Breaststroke

Boy’s       50m     Freestyle                                                                             Girl’s        50m     Freestyle                            

Girl’s        50m     Backstroke                                                                          Boy’s       50m     Backstroke

Boy’s     100m     Ind. Medley                                                                       Girl’s      100m   Ind. Medley



Accepted Entries - Click Here


Final Timings - Click Here


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Team Bath L1 Update

Team Bath L1
​30th-1st July


Meet Pack - Click Here

Event Schedule - Click Here

Warm Up Schedule - Click Here

All entries have been accepted. - Click Here 



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Mini series R5

Mini series R5

16th June 


Arrive 4:30 

Congratulations on your selection

Please confirm availability ASAP to


10/u girls

10/u boys

Amelia Karolewska

Reuben Foreshew

Molly Walsh

Oscar Corfield

Millie Davis

Louie Perry

Ophelia Hyde

Mathew Lewis 

11/u girls

11/u boys

Phobie Clifford

Harry Clapp

Emma Britton

Ben Thomas

Grace Bevan 

Ben Witcombe

Evie Williams

Mathew Ahmed 

12/u girls

12/u boys

Maya Bryan

Luke Comley

Lexie Thomas Hunt

Rhys Dodd

Grace Goater

Harrison Gregory

Lilly Robinson

Austin May 

13/u girls

13/u boys

Ruby Pedwell

Alessandro Britton

Kerenza Rogers


Zoe Rogers

Callum Hamilton

Bella Britton-Cooper

Owen Comley 

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