Soundwell Swimming Club

Established in 1962

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We are a highly successful swimming club, ranked top ten in the South West. Since our formation over fifty years ago, we have had a wide range of members competing in competitions from novice through to Olympic trials.

We are one of the largest clubs locally, with over two hundred members from diverse backgrounds who live throughout South Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. We attribute the clubs overall success to the hard work and dedication of our swimmers and coaches, as well as the unwavering support of parents and family members.



•To continually progress the sport of swimming
•Provide swimmers with the best possible coaching and teaching
•Promote the sport and increase participation levels
•Encourage positive mental attitudes and provide a productive and enjoyable environment
•Teach life skills to create well rounded young athletes
•Recognise each individual for their role within the club and the clubs success
•Create a balanced training and competition calendar for each swimmer to achieve their true potential