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South West Fast 5 Competition

Sunday 8th July 2018 – GL1

Swimmers will enter and swim all events and results and awards will be decided on points gained in all 5 events by the top 3 in each age group.

Single band age groups from 11/12 yrs to 17yrs & over 

Entry fee £16.00 to cover all events and spectator admission.


Warm-up 8.50am, start 10.00am                                                             30 minutes break and warm-up


Boy’s       50m     Butterfly                                                                              Girl’s        50m     Butterfly

Girl’s        50m     Breaststroke                                                                      Boy’s       50m     Breaststroke

Boy’s       50m     Freestyle                                                                             Girl’s        50m     Freestyle                            

Girl’s        50m     Backstroke                                                                          Boy’s       50m     Backstroke

Boy’s     100m     Ind. Medley                                                                       Girl’s      100m   Ind. Medley



Accepted Entries - Click Here


Final Timings - Click Here


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