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Open Meet Support

This will be Soundwell’s 4th open meet and they have been getting more popular and every year.

Last year we raised over £10,000 for the club.  This money is not insignificant and is used to pay for training for poolside all volunteers, training equipment and to subsidise camp activities.  It is also a buffer to maintain the current level of squad fees.  If you wish to get an understanding of the club budget, please just ask.

However, we cannot run the meet without the support of you, the Soundwell parents.  There is a significant amount of preparatory work required before the meet happens and for the past 3 years the two most significant roles have been taken on primarily by Darren Stone, who is stepping back this year.

The primary role we need to fill is Meet Promotor – without this we are not able to apply for a licence for the meet.  It is currently on the county calendar and the pool time is booked, but it is not yet a licensed meet, which what attracts the other clubs to attend.  This is primarily a coordination role and support will be provided and any question answered as the meet nears.

The secondary role is Technical Meet Manager, which is an IT role, compiling the swimmers and races lists and collecting times on the day and submitting to the ASA after the event. Once again, support will be provided, but a lack of fear of IT is essential.

If you can’t take on either of these roles, there are a number of other roles that need support and if you are able to help any way, please put your name on the list on the notice board or email the Chair.

A summary of each role can be found here

Many Thanks in advance for all your help

Rhona and the Soundwell Committee

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