Soundwell Swimming Club

Established in 1962

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Long Term Athelete Development Objectives

Training to train; a continued emphasis on aerobic conditioning, a greater individualisation of fitness and technical training. Focusing on training rather than competing with the training predominantly of high volume, low intensity workloads. It is important to emphasise that high volume, low intensity training cannot be achieved in a limited time period, and therefore the time commitment to training should increase significantly. There will be specific target competitions undertaken throughout the season, which swimmers in this squad will be expected to compete in. Periodisation of training in the training year will be dictated by the Head Coach. Swimmers will continue to develop suppleness and strength, land training will include the use of ‘own body weight’ excercises, light dumbbell and Core Stability exercises. If insufficient time is devoted to this stage then it is highly unlikely the young swimmer will reach their full potential. One of the main reasons athletes plateau during the later stages of their careers is because of an over emphasis on competition instead of optimising training during this very important stage.


  • Multiple Gloucester county qualifier, top 8
  • Aged 11-16yrs
  • Must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance including 1 morning and ideally ALL 7 sessions per week. Failure to complete criteria will result in missing Friday PM. 
  • Must be able to complete 20x100 frontcrawl of 1.45
  • Plus 2 of the following; 10x100 breaststroke on 2.10, 10x100 backstroke on 1.55, 10x100 butterfly on 2.10
  • Land training is in addition to the 6 swims
  • New swimmers are subject to a 6 month probationary period and review
  • Black club hats only for training & competition
  • Expected to arrive 15mins prior to the start of training
  • Expected to carry out mobility & stretching, before & after training/competition
  • Encouraged to increase training during holiday periods
  • Must attend training the night before & after every competition
  • Must only compete in competitions listed on the clubs calendar
  • Must report to the coach before & after every race
  • Expected to complete full warm-up & swim-down protocols
  • Expected to take part in every race & final entered unless notified by the Head Coach
  • Contact the coach if absent or unable to fulfil criteria


Swimmers should arrive with the following kit and equipment properly adjusted and in good working order;

• Swimming costume or trunks• Racing costume or trunks to be worn in races only
• Towel• Training swimming costume/trunks to be worn in warm up & swim down
• Goggles (x2)• Towels (x2)
• Swim hat (x2)• Goggles (x2)
• Kickboard• Soundwell hat to be worn by all swimmers (x2)
• Pullbuoy• Soundwell polo shirt/t-shirt
• Band• Soundwell hoodie (optional)
• Fins• Dark shorts or trackies
• Hand paddles• At least 2 drinks bottles (stay topped up)
• Snorkel (finis type) 
• Drinks bottle (1 litre per hour) 

Squad Fees

£84.00 per month