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Weston Super Mare L3

Weston Super Mare L3
Hutton Moor
15th-16th April

The meet was oversubscribed and so Weston have not been able to offer every swimmer all of the races they wanted. 

Please check the list to see which races have been scratched – credit notes for these races will be available after the meet has taken place (when Weston will send us a refund). 

For the 400m Freestyle and 400 IM races a “reserve” list has been created, so if there are any withdrawals from the accepted list the fastest swimmer from the reserve list will be offered the place.  These are shown on the attached list as “ALT”.  (Swimmers with SCR alongside their name for these races are not on the reserves list.)

Accepted Entries - Click Here
Programme of Events - Click Here
Upper Limit Times - Click Here
​Revised Warm Up Times - Click Here


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