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HOTEL NAME:  Hotel Bernat II                                        

RESORT NAME:  Callela, Barcelona

Coaches – Jon Wills, Ashley Barnett and Claire Kerslake

Chaperones – Tree O’Donnell, Max Adams, Emma Dodd, Robin Kerslake

Land training Coach/chaperone – Jo Soteriou

Total number swimmers - 36


We are now in a position to share the final costs of the camp. The total cost is £726. The slight increase is due to the flight prices with easy jet. We did our best to estimate the cost but as the flight prices reflect demand and if you don’t purchase them on the day they are released you miss out. We bought the return flights on the day they were released so go a better price.

The payment plan that was given out in January has been amended to reflect the slight increase.





31st January 2018




30th April 2018

To purchase return flight




1st July 2018




25th August 2018








The amounts above must be paid by the due datesIf you would prefer to make monthly payments, or pay the balance in full at any-time, please feel free to do so. Payments should be made by bank transfer to Co-Op bank 08-92-99 Account 65827532, or by cheque to the club desk, please bring along this card.

The full amount must be paid by 25th August 2018. (9 weeks before departure). Any queries please

EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – Every swimmer must have one of these, it is free and can be applied using this website,

Travel Insurance – Every swimmer will need their own travel insurance. Please check that if you are using a family policy it covers your child to travel independently. There are companies ( that specialise in this and costs are around £15. 



Flight details

Outbound Flights.

Leaving on Saturday 27th October at 7:00 – 10:15. Arrival time at airport to be confirmed. It will be early!!!

Flight Number: 6029 Bristol to Barcelona

The swimmers will be able to choose who they want to sit by on the plane. We have 6 seats in each row. We have been allocated rows: 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 2 in row 16. 

Return Flights

Departing on Saturday 3rd November at 16:10 and landing at 17:35. We will be leaving the hotel in Spain at midday following a morning swim.

Flight number: 2268 Barcelona to London Luton. 

We have booked a coach to pick us up from the airport and return us to Kingswood Leisure centre. The reason we have done this is there was only 1 flight into Bristol on the return and the cost was double the outbound price. Flying into Luton and the cost of the coach was a lot cheaper. 

The seats we have been allocated on the return flight are rows: 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Luggage allowance:

Easy jet allowance is 23KG. DO NOT GO OVER THIS!!!! Pack sensibly.

Cabin bag size is 56cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 25cm (H)

All swimming gear will need to be put in the hold. The arena bags they use on poolside will be too big as hand luggage. Jon will supply a recommended a kit list in September. The kit will need to include land training clothes and several costumes. 

Passport details required.

Please photocopy your child’s passport details and hand it into the club desk (by September 10th) and they will be filed securely and destroyed once we have used them.

We need the following details to check in online 3 days before we leave: Full name, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Country of Issue, Nationality, date of birth and gender. When we enter these details we will allocate the seats too. 

Confirmation it’s a great venue - From talking to Sara Part from Severnside Tritions at the mini series last weekend, they have been to this resort/camp twice and have said it’s very good. That’s good to know. 

Training times: maximum of 2 swim sessions a day, total of 4 hours (7am and 14.30)  plus 1 hour land training. 

Rooms – Jon will allocate the swimmers to rooms, there will be 4 swimmers to a room.

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